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Role: Strategy & Copy

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When crafting the social media strategy for Raybern's Sandwiches, we catered both paid and organic creative toward meme-driven young men and their mothers (who often do their grocery shopping). 

We tested various creative mediums, such as illustration and photography, to see which resonated with our audience. And we leveraged culturally relevant events to engage fans.


Followers Growth: 20.4% YoY

Impressions: 15.7M+ (+50.1% YoY)

Engagements: 70.3K+ (+345% YoY)

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Rayberns IG 2.png

Influencer Campaigns

We conducted several campaigns, leveraging influencers from both the mom category as well as young, internet-savvy men. We used holidays like National Cheesesteak Day to anchor some campaigns, and created contests and giveaways to generate enthusiasm. Once live, our influencer content lived in a highlights reel on our page.

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