Blink Fitness

Blink believes that strength comes from within and puts mood above muscle. This accessible, inclusive philosophy leads to a brand voice with which wellness can be talked about in a relatable and engaging way. Before celebrating six-pack abs, Blink celebrates exercise for any size and fitness IQ. Everyone fits in at Blink, no matter how fit they may be.


Staying Relevant Throughout a Pandemic

In March we immediately shifted our focus to keep members engaged while gyms closed due to COVID-19. We began sending out weekly newsletters with valuable content, such as playlists and blog posts. We also tapped into our Personal Trainer community—each day a different trainer leads a virtual workout that is live-streamed on the Blink App.


Seasonal Promotions​

I often worked on creative ideation and copywriting for upcoming promotions. This Summer Sale Promotion, for example, was extended into fall due to high performance.


In-Gym Copy​

After finalizing the editorial style guide, I worked with our designer to concept and execute new in-gym copy.